Te Orienta, Estudante!

Te Orienta, Estudante!

What is it?

Te Orienta, Estudante! is an event with the purpose of orienting students to be more decisive about their future. It is a trade fair event, with talk shows, lectures, and classes in the movie theater, all for free.

Its first edition took place in August 2017, at the biggest mall in São Luís, Brazil. It was aimed to reach young students, not only high school but also undergraduate and graduate students, who are undecided about their future.

As part of the organizing team, my role was mainly about designing the brand and its visual identity, and all the outputs, such as TV commercial, backdrops, prints, and flyers for social media.

Naming + logo

The name “Te Orienta, Estudante!” was idealized by the founders of the event, Talyta Ribeiro and Marcos Almeida, and it means “orient yourself, student!” in Portuguese, which is a common expression around here.


The icon looks to transmit the idea of success and achievement. When an airplane is well done and its launch is well succeeded, it flies triumphantly. That’s the concept: guiding students to a better future.

Promo image
Logo Yellow Background
Logo White Background
Logo Positive
Logo Negative
Fundo de Palco / Stage backdrop
Pasta / Folder
Outdoor Billboard
Rafael Magalhães
CID Não Salvo

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