Intervale Boxed Wine

Intervale Boxed Wine

Academic Project

Organic & Biodynamic.

Intervale Vineyards is a fictional small family winery located in Ventura, California. The company is focused on producing Earth-friendly wines, made in partnership with Nature with certified organic and biodynamic grapes.

This project gave me the task to design two boxed wines for Intervale Vineyards. The challenge was to create appealing boxes that would arouse people’s interest to buy an untraditional kind of wine.

Boxed wine? Is it a thing?

Boxed wine has many advantages. It conserves the wine for weeks, it has better value, and it is shatterproof. But people don’t know much about it, or simply don’t believe it’s good. The challenge was to bring the tradition of the bottled wine to the box.

Box 1 - White Wine
Box 1 - Red Wine

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