Cookies da Lili

Cookies da Lili

Chocolate chips & Buttercream

Cookies da Lili is a cake, cookies and sweets factory. The baking company makes high quality products, but more than that, it gives people motives to celebrate good moments with friends and family.

With a fun and casual mood, Cookies da Lili differs from the local competitors in creativity and humor. With this in mind, the new visual identity needed to be different and fun, without forgetting the values of the company.

Agency: Post Machine
Client: Cookies da Lili
Account Manager:
Vinicius Gallotti
Designer: Brenno Pinto

Gentle Creativity

For this project, the visuals were based on a gentle and sweet aesthetic, but also very colorful. Hand drawn patterns and a wide color palette were used in order to communicate happiness and cuteness.

Moodboard Cookies da Lili

Logo logo

Baking is a delicate, soft and essentially crafty art. In order to represent the exclusiveness of Lili’s work, we designed a calligraphic logo to it. Each cake has the same essence and soul of Cookies da Lili, but always in a different and unique way, just like a signature.

Lili logo

Take a bow

Thinking of the logo reduction, we designed a bow icon in order to be used in tiny spaces. The idea was to represent family, compromise with quality, good moments, and of course, care and love for baking.

Lili small logos
Cookies da Lili - Logo 1
Cookies da Lili - Logo 2
Cookies da Lili - Patterns/Padroes
Cookies da Lili - Business Cards
Cookies da Lili - Packaging

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