Born Fruit

Born Fruit

It’s pure fruit!

Born Fruit is a (fictional) brand of healthy juice. Its products are 100% organic, with no sugar, preservatives, dyes or sweeteners added. Only ingredients from FairTrade certified producers are used, which make Born Fruit juices sustainable, fair, and reliable.

The brief of the project was to design a Tetra Pak package to Born Fruit’s new line of products, targeting a specific audience. This was created for St. John’s University Graphic Production Class.

Target audience.

The main goal of the project was to communicate through packaging that the product is healthy, organic and FairTrade, for real. The target audience is young adults (18 to 29 years-old) who like cool and creative packaging, and also enjoy a good organic juice, because they’re packed full of real fruit and have unforgettable taste. In order to visualize a imaginary client, a moodboard was created, based on someone hipster, who likes analog photography, vintage wayfarers, vinyls and Starbucks.


Feel & Look.

To make it possible, a fun, playful and hipster package was designed. The funny illustrations of fruits rocking in shades represent its content, as well as making it visually appealing. The beige background, and the use of handwritten typography aims to make it look organic and sustainable, even by the outside.

On the back of each package, there’s a cool typographic conversation (as the fruit was talking to you) about how many apples, oranges, or strawberries were used to produce 1 liter of juice.

Born Fruit Sucos/Juice
Born Fruit Sucos/Juice
Laranja/Pulpy Orange
Maçã Verde/Green Apple
Born Fruit Sucos/Juice
Born Fruit Sucos/Juice


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