Aeromoça Express Bakery

Aeromoça Express Bakery

The business.

The Aeromoça bakery was founded as a family business in a small neighborhood in São Luís. From the idea of expanding more, the Aeromoça Express Bakery was born: more than a regular bakery, it is a high quality and unique place, that looks to provide the best in drive-thru service.

The project.

The project consisted in designing the visual identity for the company, focusing on a clean, expansible and timeless personality. The biggest challenge was to unite elements from aviation, drive-thru restaurants, and bakery. This was a collaborative work between Cacatua Comunicação, Fita Zebrada Studio and I.

Projeto desenvolvido em parceria com a Cacatua Comunicação

The brand.

The logo was developed to be solid, reliable and caring. “Aeromoça” means “flight attendant” in Portuguese, so we decided to use the image of a flight attendant, not only to be obvious, but also to transmit the values of agility, confidence, and promptitude.

Logo Aeromoça 2
Logo Aeromoça 1
Cores / Colors
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Cartao de Visita/Business cards

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